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Georgia {on my mind} (Part 1)

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It seems like a lifetime ago now but we recently visited Georgia for the first time. Georgia the country in Europe, not Georgia the state in America. It’s one of the Eurasian countries where Filipinos can travel without requiring a visa, that is if you have a valid residence visa in the UAE, which we have. Yay! We are allowed to visit visa-free for up to 90 days. We only needed a few days so that was great for us. In fact, there were quite a few Filipino holiday-makers in the same flight as ours. Why not take advantage of visa-free travel, yes?

bye dubai

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Throwback Thursday 8.2015

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Street food in high altitude – Joseph snacking on some “kwek-kwek” before going up the steps of the grotto in Baguio City. December 2013.
high street food

Throwback Thursday 7.2015

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“What the Finn?!?”
Yes, that’s what she was saying. Not the other thing.
what the finn?!

Throwback 5.2015

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Look at how tiny Baby Adrianna was! Well, this was in December 2013 after all.
baby a

Nash’s first horseback ride. He was such a trooper. But damn, the horses smelled so bad!

Treehugger! I love you, you know that, right? Think of it this way: you don’t see the stars during the day but they are there still watching over you.

Nash really wanted to play with this puppy.

Throwback 4.2015

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Have you ever seen the fog rolling in in the Empty Quarter?

Have you ever jumped over a fairly high fence, landed on soft, cold, red desert sand and decided to have a walkabout at 2.30 in the morning?

Have you ever wanted to make sand angels and end up with sand e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e? I mean, everywhere?

Have you ever thought, walking back away from the open desert, that the sand shifts and creates deep wells that make it hard to walk without falling on your hands and feet and thought that wa sit, you were going to get buried in the desert and die out there?
anantara sunset

Nope? Me neither. Don’t know what I was talking about in the first place.
sunset yoga

Throwback 3.2015

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A very short throwback as this is a recap of last Friday’s 10km road race.


It begins with one step. In my case, that first step was to get up at dawn on a Friday when I would normally have a lie-in and get down to Jumeirah to participate in the Standard Chartered 10km Road Race. Up until the moment when Bernie, Patrick and myself arrived, huddled together to ward off the morning cold, I was not entirely sure that it was happening. It was surreal. I had my highlighter pink shirt on, track pants, sneakers, long sleeve shirt underneath and a light jacket to combat the cold, sunglasses and my 10km playlist on my iPhone – oh I was ready alright!

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Throwback 2.2015

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One tiny hotel room. Two beautiful models. At least six photographers. I learned a lot about lighting in that one evening.



TBT #7

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Remembering a fun day at a speed photography opportunity at Gulf Photo Plus in November 2012. Graciela was my favourite of all 3 models that day. She was fun fun fun to work with. Shame I only had 3 minutes with her.

TBT #4

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Patrick’s first ever day to school.

Look at how tiny my baby was. And this is merely 7 years ago. Time flies so fast.

TBT #2

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Eibee and Nash jumping for joy. December 2013, Bonifacio Global City


Adrianna and Bernie doing the same, sort of. December 2013, Bonifacio Global City