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Adventure awaits

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“Whatever’s good for your soul – do that!”

We’re going back to London tonight! It will be a very different place from the last time that we visited in August. We’re packing layers and hats and gloves and an umbrella. We expect to shiver down to our toes and we will love it. We have a jam-packed itinerary for the few days that we are there including a trip to a magical place. So excited about that one.

The UAE will have a long weekend from tonight so I hope everyone has a wonderful time, whatever you are doing. Enjoy and see you on the other side.


Flashback Friday

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This is how much difference three years make!

June 2012, Ras Al Khaimah

Aug 2015, London

London: Family and friends

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My output rate in blogging is way behind than my output rate in taking photos and going on adventures. This was the main reason why I succumbed to the appeal of micro blogging on social media sites. But still I’m the one at fault – if I make time to write up a post to go with the photos without such a delay, I’d be up to date.

No matter, I still have a few favourites from our UK trip so let’s get started.

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Late post: Hyde Park, London

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During our first visit to London, we were welcomed by the infamous British summer. Grey skies, cool breeze and rain. Not so much that we got soaking wet, but enough to cease any outdoor activity and seek shelter in the shops or the nearest tube station! I did buy an umbrella and brought along sweaters and scarves, but I underestimated the effect of the change from high 40s in Dubai to low 20s in London. That’s Celsius by the way. ┬áMy body is clearly built and adjusted for warmer climes.

During one specially clear and sunshiny day, we trekked over to Marble Arch/Hyde Park for an adventure.
at marble arch
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Late post: I Knit London

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Note: I hit “Publish” too soon so the first post went up without any text! Sorry about that.

Okay, so I Knit is this cool shop and sanctuary for knitters and crafters tucked away on Lower Marsh in London, just off the Waterloo tube station. The owner, Gerard, is the sweetest thing, soft-spoken but warms up to you after a while. Oh and he also dyes some amazing colours on yarn!

Here is what I purchased on our little trip there with the Amiras. The project bag is a prize I won from a competition on Two Go Crafting‘s Facebook page.
iknit haul
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London: the wildlife edition

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I did not expect to find critters in the city of London. It’s busy, crowded, noisy and hot so it was the last place I thought these animals would like to be in. But even in this packed city, there are pockets of serenity where they can roam relatively free and be left to mind their own business.

Like this squirrel, for instance. He was happy munching on nuts on top of a bench underneath a tree. He didn’t seem to mind one bit that there were tourists around him with cameras poised to capture his every move! We did try to stay away and give him space – this was taken with a zoom lens.
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