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This is my family. The pictures are at least 2 years old because I have a ton of holiday photos in my camera that I haven’t yet processed and uploaded here. This was taken during our Christmas trip to Tagaytay, to be precise this is at the rooftop of the Manaoag Shrine at Tierra de Maria on Calamba Road.

I was, of course, behind the camera. I asked them to get into the frame and pose for me and this is what they gave me. Looks normal, right? Click more to see what happened next.

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Twenty One

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Late post….sorry.

For most people, March brings a new beginning. The coldness of winter gives way to refreshing spring, well at least that’s how it should be but this year spring seems to have taken a detour. March brings spring, new life, Bambi gets to eat fresh grass, the birds chirp on trees, and the world is right again. March is special for me because this is the month when my eldest child and youngest child were born. The first and the last celebrated in the same month.

The 28th of March marks a milestone for my first-born, Maria Viel Patrica. This year Viel turns twenty one. It’s one of those moments as a mother that you look forward to birthday after birthday and then, suddenly, it sneaks up on you. I cannot believe my little wisp of a baby is now a legal adult. Let me take you on a short trip that started in 1992. Note most of these photos were scans from actual prints so the quality is not in HD.

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Homeward bound

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Leaving for Manila soon.

Might be out of interweb coverage for a while.

Be good and play nice while I’m gone.

Have a happy Christmas and awesome New Year everyone!