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A Year of Sundays

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Photo credit: Gulf News

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Whose side are you on?

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Yes, I am a fangirl. I am a Marvel chick. I love everything about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and cannot begin to tell you how this first trailer of the upcoming film Captain America: Civil War is making me all kinds of excited.

May 2016. Going to be a long wait, but would be so worth it.

Whose side am I on? I honestly do not know. I have not read the comics and only rely on what the MCU has given us so far. Both sides have strong arguments, I;m sure, but it would be so tough choosing a side.

Whatever happens, we all know there will be the two-part Avengers: Infinity Wars, and that would need all hands on deck! For now, let’s enjoy this sneak peek into what’s coming next year. And try not to get too emotional about it, okay?

Wordless Wednesday

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mefcc2015 (32)

Throwback Thursday

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The first Middle East Film and Comic Con was supposed to happen in 2011. It was cancelled due to the Fukushima tragedy in Japan as it affected some of the visiting artists. We thought that was the end of it and Comic Con would never actually happen in Dubai.

But it did! And it goes on!

This is the 4th year of Comic Con here but the first time that I will actually go. Last year, my son was lucky recipient of a VIP Pass from a friend. No photo or signing sessions with any of the stars but he had a great time.

This weekend, Patrick and I will be making our way down those hallowed halls and hopefully get into a photo op with Capt. Kirk and Agent Carter. I am going to bring my GISHWHES flag and have Capt, Kirk hold it up with me.

A parade on Sunday

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A parade, that is, of recently finished knitting projects!

I have been on a good finishing streak so this post is all about glamour shots of said FOs.

Who needs a cowl in Dubai? It might surprise you to know that it does get cold here, in the desert, despite over 360 days of glorious sunshine every year. Yes, we get an average of 5 days a year when the mighty Sun is obscured due to heavy fog or sandstorm, or heavens forbid we get rain! Out of the 360 days, about 60 of those are the actual proper “winter” when the temperature sometimes hits single digits. You can never go wrong with a cowl tucked in your handbag for the rest of the year because of over-zealous air conditioning everywhere. I mean everywhere! So yes, cowls in Dubai are a thing.

This one was a test-knit. It was more like a recipe because it’s brioche stitch and if you haven’t tried knitting brioche stitch then you are missing out on the fun, big time! However, the ever-talented Dieuwke has added an amazing twist to this cowl. See that braid of squishy goodness? Yes, that! Do you think you can figure out how to get that? Ha! Maybe you can after studying it and doing a trial-and-error for the next few weeks or months, but why bother when you can grab the pattern from Ravelry? I present to you my Experioche, knit in my own hand-dyed Dubai Knits Luxe DK. Well, the white yarn is undyed. I’m a bit partial, but I just love this yarn.
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Wordless Wednesday #34

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The money shot! Also throwback to a lovely Thursday evening in May 2014.

money shot

Fall TV season!

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It still makes me wonder what other people do when they don’t like watching TV. I know some people who like to go out and party with friends, or play sports or do something else. I suppose you do find other things to do when there’s no idiot box in your house. But I just can’t imagine not having the escape provided by my TV shows. It’s like an avid reader being stuck in a house where there is not a single thing to read, not even a telephone book!

I’m not judging, just wondering how different it might be if we didn’t have a TV. I’d be forced to talk to my husband and my son, and the cat. That or retreat deeper into my social networks on my phone. That is just sad. Thank goodness we have a TV!

And Fall TV is the best season ever. Warning: mild spoilers ahead in case you haven’t seen any of the new season premiers.
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Before we begin, may I remind you that…

You’ve been warned.

In May 2014, Bernie and I had date night to see some Irish lads in concert. The first time they came to Dubai, with two more than now, I could not go see them. Because I just had a baby and it was summer, it was hot and I couldn’t be bothered to put on decent clothes and step out of the house. Anyway. So when i found out they were doing a one-night-only show in Dubai, I did not hesitate to buy tickets. It actually presented a dilemma when Justin Timberlake also announced a show in Abu Dhabi the night following Boyzone’s show. I decided not to go see JT and I don’t regret it. I would not have been able to sing-along because I don’t know most of his songs.

So the evening of the 22nd May came and thank goodness it was not as hot as I thought it would be. The tennis stadium was not fully packed but it was a decent crowd. Shame that Mikey could not join the show, due to a bereavement apparently, but these guys were quite impressive on their own.
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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

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geek out

Quickie in Manila

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It has been a hectic couple of weeks, hence the lack in post updates. However, I’ve found a lull in my busy day at work so I’m taking every chance I can to complete this post before the news I want to share gets old.

Most of you know that Lisa and I flew to Manila last week. On Pearl Business Class. Thank you, Lisa and Etihad Airways! It has spoiled me and flying coach again will be such a drag after this. A couple of hours before our descent, I took this photo of the skies.
etihad airways (1)

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