Photo by Stu Williamson, Oct 2007

My name is Jocelyn.

Dyoselin is one unique way to spell my name, simply because Jocelyn is a lot more common than I originally thought.

I have had a few nicknames over the years. My aunt and some cousins called me Jean, some still do. My father, for some unexplained reason, called me Dean when I was young. Then in school my best friend christened me Jocy. Three years later in high school, I became Jhocy, and have stuck with that nickname ever since. But in the office they call me Joc, or Joce depending on who’s calling me. JV even!

There is one nickname above all though that I wear proudly: Mama.

Like most other women, I wear a variety of hats. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt. I’m also a knitter, photographer, self-professed writer and wannabe indie yarn dyer. I have dabbled in a few crafts in my time raging from cross-stitching, silk painting, scrapbooking, graphic designing – and by this I mean fooling around in Photoshop until my eyes hurt – and most recently photography. But I said that already.

I have been blogging elsewhere since 2003 but have not really taken it seriously until a few months ago. That said, I don’t want to bore or offend people who visit my blog so if there is anything here that you find offensive on whatever level, please let me know.

Thanks for visiting my blog – happy reading!

6 thoughts on “Dyoselin

  1. Jocelyn, the people that care, don’t matter, and the people that matter, don’t care : > Love your originality.

    Wow scrap booking !!! I will ask you a little about it – I know it’s more than just bunging collections into a paperesque file. Self-processed writer is another one I want to hear about. On the ride back from Debra’s, the word Louvre came up – Abu Dhabi will have one soon, and more big names to follow : > be nice to meet the knitting group and check out the museums in the meantime.. hah!

    FABULEUX PHOTO of you!

    Okay, when we meeting next? Even for a lunchy chat.. Melissa


  2. Hi Jocelyn,
    I have been a regular follower of your blog for a couple of years now and still enjoy it so much.
    I currently live in Kuwait – again, after a 3-year break – and now know that I have to bring my own supply of yarn with me from California. Somehow I have lost the web-address of your Etsy shop and can’t seem to find the link for it on your blog. (Sorry, I suffer from a bit of technology ignorance.) I have 2 questions if you happen to read this comment in the next day or two. 1) the address for the etsy shop please. and 2) I will be coming to Dubai for one day (Monday, April 4th) and would love to have a name and/or address (taxi driver friendly please) of possible yarn stops for me. Sorry question #3) Would it be possible to order something from your etsy shop (assuming I receive the address in time) and then pick it up somewhere?
    Thanks for your help. Sorry for the last minute notice but this is a very last minute flight booking for me.
    Salam wa sa’aadah Linda


  3. I wish I knew about you when I was in Dubai last year… I was searching like CRAZY looking for yarns to knit my Christmas gifts. But, I’m glad to know there’s someone who sells decent knitting yarns in Dubai, woohoo!!! I might visit Dubai next year.


  4. Hi,
    Jocelyn good no know that we can get the knitting yarns in Dubai coz I was looking for the yarn in all lulu supermarket but I did not get what I want actually I want them for knit some scarf for this coming Christmas gifts for my some friends . I leaving in Dubai too can I get the address or the location from where I can buy the lovely yarns.


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