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Night and Day

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Randomness on a Sunday evening

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How can I be blue when I have ribbons of rainbow on my feet?  

Dusk in early Dubai winter is quite pretty, esp when you have the silhouette of the world’s tallest building in your sights.

The sunrise is not too shabby either!   

It’s common place to see vintage cars like this on the road too.

Or super sleek, matte painted, top of the line Lamborghinis like this with special license plates.  That’s 777 by the way, in Arabic the number 7 is written resembling the letter V.

I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. To those who are on the other side of the world, enjoy the rest of your weekend! To those on this side of the globe, have a great rest of the week ahead.

Wordless Wednesday

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Are women ruled by their hormones?

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I’m not proud to say that in the past my fluctuating hormone levels have given rise to emotional and sometime dramatic outbursts. But this statement made by a female doctor in the UAE is nothing short of a heaping load of crap.

Along with not making decisions, Matar also advised women to avoid board meetings and drink green tea as “it will calm you down, you will be less violent”.

I can’t. I just can’t.

And I’m not even pre-menstrual right now!


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In a little more than two hours, the fantabulous mayhem that is GISHWHES will begin for 2014. More info here.


I signed up because 1) it’s Misha, 2) it’s both a fun and adventurous way to give back, 3) I want to test myself and see how far I could go to complete the hunt. And did I mention it’s partly because of Misha?

Last year’s list was daunting: 155 items of varying degrees of silliness and fun! Points are awarded for each item on the list so I guess the team with the highest points win. Also I don’t think any team has ever submitted all items on the list. Hopefully my team, TardisDream, can submit as many as possible.

Friends, family, work colleagues, casual acquaintances…..I hope I can rely on your help to accomplish the tasks assigned to me. If anything, would you be willing to take photos and videos of me doing silly things?

Bloglovin’ it!

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As my friend Preeti mentioned in her latest blog post, Google Reader is on its way out and I personally find it difficult to keep up to date with blogs that I love. WordPress Reader is good, but what about non WP blogs? Bloglovin to the rescue!

Their tagline goes:

All your favorite blogs in one place

Add the blogs you want to follow and you’ll get all of their new posts in a feed on bloglovin’! And yes, you can add any blog.

Yep, self-hosted, WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal….anything! You have the option of getting an email everytime a new post from one of the blogs you follow goes online. Gets kinda annoying though, but if you don’t want to miss anything then choose that option.

Got it? Okay, so go follow my blog with Bloglovin. Thank you.  Have a good day all!


Wordless Wednesday

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funny stars

tiger clock

chocolate lab

Random Dubai

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There’s always time for a nap – even at the mall! Sorry unnamed man snatching forty winks on a bench in Dubai Mall. You must be really exhausted to doze off in a public place.
nap time

Raw Coffee bean bags painted by their customers and/or their children. Love the Bob Marley one! If you haven’t been to Raw, please make it a point to visit at least once. You will go back, I assure you, because they make the smoothest, best tasting coffee ever. You’ll swear off that gunk that fancy coffee houses make. Honestly!

At the bottom of the pyramid in WAFI. So this must be how those pharaohs of old feel as they lay in eternal slumber.

Little angel in training. A young boy at the Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May, quite literally) parade in Saint Mary’s Church, Dubai.
angel in training


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Baskin Robbins’ Mint Chocolate Chip – a family favourite
mint choc chip

Of course, you can wear your mustache on your ear!
'tache studs

Choo-choo inside the Festival City
choo choo

Shaved ice flavours…they were all out of mango
shaved ice flavours

Around town

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Dubai is not a very big city. Assuming traffic flows smoothly, you can actually visit most of it in a day. Maybe not including the desert but the areas where most people would go like the malls, the beach, parks and other attractions within city limits. We travel to Dubai every day for work and visit during the weekend to shop or see a movie, whatever. Yet we still get surprised when we go to an area after not visiting for maybe a month or even two weeks. Everything looks different and new.

Take the new display under every lamp post. I thought they looked like yarn bombings, but the all too familiar logo of the sun and a smile under it quickly told me that it is almost that time of the year again. Dubai Summer Surprises. And before you know it, Modhesh will be everywhere!

Dubai will not be Dubai without a new shop or restaurant opening every week. Well, something like that. We’ve been dying to try Texas Roadhouse. They have an outlet at the Dubai Mall and recently I saw a banner announcing their presence at Deira City Centre. There was a 30-minute queue when we went to the Dubai Mall outlet last Saturday. It was alright, I guess, unlike the 2.5 hours we waited the first time out at The Cheesecake Factory! There was a bit of a wait for the food but the freshly baked, soft bread and honey and cinnamon butter plus this bucket of roasted peanuts helped curb the hunger for just a bit more.

The place was packed and loud! There were all things Texas hanging on the walls, including Bambi’s stuffed head. It’s horrendous. They played country music and at some point some of the staff started line dancing! Not Achy, Breaky Heart though. It was alright, I guess. The food was good, apart from the brisket which had probably a pound of salt in the sauce! Joseph did not enjoy that one bit.

So that’s one more on the summer list crossed off. The kids are here for another 9 days (SOB!!!) but we still have our Yas Waterworld adventure this weekend so expect lots of photos soon, plus we still have to visit a few food places and some of their favourite haunts. Maybe a couple more films to see as well. Fast 6, anyone?