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Baker’s Dozen

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At every single birthday, I reminisce about the day, the moment that each of my children were born. It does sound gruesome and icky for the most part but it’s my own way of cherishing a wondrous moment of both my life and that of a newborn offspring.

This year’s birthday for my youngest is bittersweet; this year he turns 13. *sigh*

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Last week

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Earlier this year, I casually mentioned to the husband that we should try and go to the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi while we can. It’s only been going on for 6 years and we probably would not be able to go to any other Grand Prix anyway. That’s one of the good things about living in the UAE, concerts, movies, events like this are far more affordable that if we were back in the Philippines.

So this past weekend was a double celebration: our first Grand Prix and my birthday.
f1 - sunday
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Are women ruled by their hormones?

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I’m not proud to say that in the past my fluctuating hormone levels have given rise to emotional and sometime dramatic outbursts. But this statement made by a female doctor in the UAE is nothing short of a heaping load of crap.

Along with not making decisions, Matar also advised women to avoid board meetings and drink green tea as “it will calm you down, you will be less violent”.

I can’t. I just can’t.

And I’m not even pre-menstrual right now!

Make it stop

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No, depression is not just getting sad.
It’s a constant sadness that melts into your bones,
An indescribably heavy weight upon your shoulders,
Never mind your heart and soul.
It’s believing so many lies (maybe because you’ve learned to accept them)
And no longer appreciating your self-worth.
Wishing you no longer existed, wishing yourself gone.
Depression holds you back from your dreams
And pulls you into a nightmare.
It takes full control of your existence.
It makes you never want to get out of bed,
And when you finally do,
You just want to get back in it.
But you know the hardest part?
Ignorant people.

These are not my words, but they ring true. Go here to read the original posted on deviantArt.