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More BZ20

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While we’re in the subject of fangirling and bands playing in Dubai, here are a few more photos I took from that very hot evening spent singing along with and watching Boyzone in Dubai. Dear me, this was 3 years ago!
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Before we begin, may I remind you that…

You’ve been warned.

In May 2014, Bernie and I had date night to see some Irish lads in concert. The first time they came to Dubai, with two more than now, I could not go see them. Because I just had a baby and it was summer, it was hot and I couldn’t be bothered to put on decent clothes and step out of the house. Anyway. So when i found out they were doing a one-night-only show in Dubai, I did not hesitate to buy tickets. It actually presented a dilemma when Justin Timberlake also announced a show in Abu Dhabi the night following Boyzone’s show. I decided not to go see JT and I don’t regret it. I would not have been able to sing-along because I don’t know most of his songs.

So the evening of the 22nd May came and thank goodness it was not as hot as I thought it would be. The tennis stadium was not fully packed but it was a decent crowd. Shame that Mikey could not join the show, due to a bereavement apparently, but these guys were quite impressive on their own.
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Quickie in Manila

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It has been a hectic couple of weeks, hence the lack in post updates. However, I’ve found a lull in my busy day at work so I’m taking every chance I can to complete this post before the news I want to share gets old.

Most of you know that Lisa and I flew to Manila last week. On Pearl Business Class. Thank you, Lisa and Etihad Airways! It has spoiled me and flying coach again will be such a drag after this. A couple of hours before our descent, I took this photo of the skies.
etihad airways (1)

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This time tomorrow, Lisa and myself will be in Manila, relaxing hopefully before the big concert on Friday. I am so excited. Never been this excited. I am so glad to be sharing this experience with Lisa! Full show report when I get back.


MB20 in Manila

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That is all.


J to the L-O

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The annual company dinner makes way for a special event this year.

Jennifer Lopez is performing in Dubai for one night only. And that is tonight. In about 5 hours. Assuming she does not pull a Madonna and stumble onto the stage at 11pm!

If you’re there, give me a shout. I’m sure you have my mobile number if we know each other.

Pray it doesn’t rain again!

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