This is my family. The pictures are at least 2 years old because I have a ton of holiday photos in my camera that I haven’t yet processed and uploaded here. This was taken during our Christmas trip to Tagaytay, to be precise this is at the rooftop of the Manaoag Shrine at Tierra de Maria on Calamba Road.

I was, of course, behind the camera. I asked them to get into the frame and pose for me and this is what they gave me. Looks normal, right? Click more to see what happened next.

Uh-oh, the surface was beginning to crack. Patrick was already smiling, and Eibee was resisting the urge to smile. How long do you think they were able to hold it?

Attack of the wacky faces! Joseph was quick to join in. I don’t know how I am related to these children because I am not this funny. Definitely their father’s children.

Joseph tried to regroup and get everyone to get their acts together. Okay, let’s try that again.

Nope. Lost it. Big time. I can’t even remember what triggered it but they all started laughing and I just kept on clicking.

They are definitely related; Joseph couldn’t control his laughter and his eyes are closed. Patrick was just gone.

My family, ladies and gentlemen. I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you all, silly faces!