More BZ20

While we’re in the subject of fangirling and bands playing in Dubai, here are a few more photos I took from that very hot evening spent singing along with and watching Boyzone in Dubai. Dear me, this was 3 years ago!

The evening started out with the three of them (Ronan, Keith and Shane) wearing suits but as the heat came in, and not least because it was the beginning of summer, they started peeling layers off. Keith looked and sounded amazing.

Shane’s full beard weirded me out big time but I admit he carried it well. Along with his full sleeves of tattoos.

Oh, hello there! I swear he was looking straight at me,or my 85mm lens wondering “Who the heck let her in?!”
i swear he's looking right at me

You’d think they would have learned from the first part of the show and just leave the jackets backstage! AccuWeather is quote reliable, lads. Or just ask the locals.
keith d

I believe this was the part where Keith said something rather naughty about Stephen during the tribute part of the show. Ronan couldn’t stop laughing.
ronan laughing at something shane said about steve

They each took turns cooling off in front of the large fan by the side of the stage. Should have just worn t-shirts and cut-offs. But really not complaining because they looked fine!
cooling off

Assume the position! This was Love Me For a Reason. I could hear Stephen in my head singing his verses…
love me for a reason

This man is probably covered all over in tattoos!

They sang the classic hits and they also sang songs from their latest albums. It was great because I listened to the new songs before the show and they are actually very good.
purple and green

And the jackets are off. That didn’t take long actually.
more ronan

still weird with the beard

No guesses as to who’s my favourite. Ronan was just so easy to photograph and he did not need so much light either. The fact that he is a good performer is just a bonus.
lookin' good at 37

Leather+Dubai summer=disaster. But they do look good in leather. Keith did a lot of goofy dance moves all evening.
dancing keith

It was a good evening, better than I expected even though Mikey wasn’t able to make it. It’s also 19 years since they first came to Dubai; I could not see them then as I just had a baby. It was worth the wait.
good one