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Summer is well and truly here. Daylight comes far too early in the mornings and leaves much later in the evening; not complaining about this as it means quicker drying time for the laundry. The humidity is the worst though. Sooner or later, it would be unbearable to be outdoors even under the shade.

It’s an annual ritual for residents of the UAE, and the Middle East, to moan and complain and bitch about the summer. It’s fun, and quite exasperating at the same time esp for those who have been living here when Clinton was the president of the USA. And by Clinton, I meant the male version ;). No matter how many summers you have endured in the UAE, each time it comes it’s different.

So I am going to reminisce about clear blue skies, crisp cool air and count the days until they come again.
Jebel Hafeet

Camping in the desert, at night, is not all bad esp when you can bring comforts of home like hot coffee and food, a tent and airbeds and blankets. The night we went to camp at the foot of Jebel Hafeet, it was cold. Freezing cold, despite multiple layers of clothing, woollen knitted gloves and hats and sleeping bags and blankets inside a tent. That cold.
camp at night

The portable stove and coffee pot were working overtime to keep us warm. Thanks to Jay and Anna for inviting us over.

The morning sun was a welcome sight. It was a little difficult to stretch out and start moving the following morning but the smell of more coffee and the promise of breakfast was all the motivation we needed.
camp life

And speaking of coffee…

The boys explored the rocky terrain which was not much really. We had other plans, which was to drive up through the winding roads of the mountain to get to the top. It’s one of the attractions of Jebel Hafeet with its multiple viewing decks dotted all around the mountain. On a really clear day, you can see as far as the borders of Al Ain and Dubai.

That was our camp site at the foot of the mountain. It is a beautiful park where you can also fire up the barbecue and the kids have a number of playgrounds to play in. If only it weren’t so far from Dubai, we would probably be here more often.
looking down

Commonly, but incorrectly, known as the UAE’s highest peak, Jebel Hafeet is a contemporary landmark and draws crowds up to the viewing deck near its peak. Most children come here on school trips throughout the year including a side trip to nearby Hili Fun City and Al Ain Zoo. Fun fact: Jebel Hafeet actually straddles the UAE and Oman but the peak sits within the UAE’s borders.
jebel hafeet

Have a cool summer, everyone!

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