Baker’s Dozen

At every single birthday, I reminisce about the day, the moment that each of my children were born. It does sound gruesome and icky for the most part but it’s my own way of cherishing a wondrous moment of both my life and that of a newborn offspring.

This year’s birthday for my youngest is bittersweet; this year he turns 13. *sigh*

Arriving two weeks earlier than scheduled, Patrick Vincent gave us quite a scare when he came into this world. That first year was the most number of hospital visits, and surgeries, that we have ever done and witnessed as parents. He came through brilliantly and you could hardly tell that he has had four major operations by the time he celebrated his first birthday.

He’s the baby of the family. His sisters doted on him, his big brother was a little aloof then as he was going through his own early teenage years but now is absolutely a hero to his baby brother.

He has grown to be our gaming buddy, our film buddy, fellow coffee and food lover, and more recently, our travel buddy!

And one day soon, he will be taking on the world all on his own. But I hope that day won’t come too soon, I’m being completely selfish here but I just know the empty nest syndrome will hit me hard.

Until then, I will try and sneak in as many squirmy hugs and stolen kisses as I can.

Happy birthday, my Pat-Pat! I love you.

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  1. Happy birthday wishes flying across the big pond for Patrick (and you and your husband as well). To all of you many years of laughter, adventure, family, friends, good health, prosperity, love, joy, and peace! Salam wa sa’aadah


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