Georgia {on my mind}: Part 2

Take me back to this amazing place…

A very quiet spot in the woods. We just had to stop our tour bus and get off and smell the crisp clean air and take photos while dodging cars!
into the woods

It’s the stuff that you only see in movies, or postcards or photos on Earth Porn. The floor was so thick with pine needles and fallen leaves, it was so soft to walk on. And there were wild mushrooms everywhere!

En route to our wine-tasting venue, I insisted on stopping to take a picture of Eeyore a donkey minding his own business.

This photo was actually taken by my husband as we waited for our lunch to be served.

Saperavi grapes! Yummy. The semi-sweet wine made out of these grapes is even yummier. Just ask my son, Patrick!

Our tour guide, Tamuka took us to her parent’s house at the end of our sightseeing and wine-tasting tour. This is just a part of their expansive backyard filled with fruit-bearing plants and bunnies, and chickens and trees!

This sycamore tree is over 900 years old. No joke. It was so huge that you need at least 7 people with arms stretched out to hug this tree.
900 years od

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