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A couple of weeks ago, I commented on a friend’s blog that I was thinking about stepping away from social media for the month of November. The closer we got to November, the more I was determined to do it. So, yes, I will not be participating in any social media platform this month. This means no Facebook updates, no checking in to places and events, no Instagram posts. I deleted my Twitter account months ago so it’s not even in the picture anymore.

There are at least two reasons why I am doing this:

  • I would like to go back to blogging. I used to post regularly here. Every time something happens, or comes up that I thought was worth talking about was posted on my blog. Micro-blogging on social media platforms slowly took away my time from the blog, and I didn’t like it very much.
  • I love reading, just as much as I to write. Blogging was the next best outlet for me to write, and cutting it down to snippets of updates on Facebook didn’t quite satisfy the hunger. Plus, it’s NaNoWriMo – that’s National Write a Novel Month. I am participating this year and hope to have a 50,000 word novel by the end of the month.

I’d like to think that my relationship with social media was okay, not overly obsessed like some people. Twitter was one platform that I never got the hang of – too much information too quickly. It was difficult to absorb everything that was going on and I was sure I was missing the important ones. So I deleted my account finally. Facebook can be a good tool if you use it properly. I like the attached iMessenger app. We have a group chat there with all the kids so if there was anything important, such as school requirements, travel plans, anyone getting ill, etc, we have a way to get in touch with everyone.

Considering all of that, I do miss blogging, and the actual writing. I admit my recent posts here are not as substantial as I would like. I hope to change that from today.

So, no social media for me. I have turned off notification on my iPhone and have stowed away the icons for Facebook and Instagram away from my home screen. If anyone needs me, you can send an email, text message or comment here on the blog. Or you can call me on my mobile.

4 thoughts on “Walking away from social media

  1. Oh, good idea to cut out all social media this month. It would probably be smart for me to do the same thing with working on my NaNo and everything, but social media helps me stay motivated. Good luck! 🙂


  2. Great idea! I have to admit that blogging will always be my favorite platform to interact with whatever community my post speaks to – crafting or non-crafting. I feel like you can have an actual conversation going via blogging. I have to admit that I suck at most social media and find the minute by minute updates of people’s lives quite annoying, actually! I’d love to read your novel if you wanna share 🙂


  3. Yay!! I like the more blogging! I do agree that instagram has kind of taken away from blogging for me. I’m trying so hard to get back into blogging too.


  4. Well done. I think this is a super cool idea. I do love your blog so much more, and you were one of the firsts I started following when I landed in “Blog Land”.
    I love to blog and try and post at least once a week. Crafting related mainly.
    I am on Instagram, but its mainly about the daily life of me and my dog, for friends that want to see what the two of us are up to. Not so busy, and not an information overload.
    Facebook has “departed” a very long time ago, and I have been seriously considering scaling down on my Flickr activity as well, it feels so much like duplicating.
    Have a great November, looking forward to seeing more of you after your novel.
    Bests. 🙂


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