Late post: I Knit London

Note: I hit “Publish” too soon so the first post went up without any text! Sorry about that.

Okay, so I Knit is this cool shop and sanctuary for knitters and crafters tucked away on Lower Marsh in London, just off the Waterloo tube station. The owner, Gerard, is the sweetest thing, soft-spoken but warms up to you after a while. Oh and he also dyes some amazing colours on yarn!

Here is what I purchased on our little trip there with the Amiras. The project bag is a prize I won from a competition on Two Go Crafting‘s Facebook page.
iknit haul

One of the best things about I Knit, however, are the resident pooches, Pandora and Percy. They greet everyone at the door and they sit with you on the couch as you knit or read a magazine or consider which skein of sock yarn to buy. They are gentle and sweet. This is Mr. Percy. How can you resist those eyes?

Pandora, or Pan as she is called, has a lovely mottled brown coat. I did say I would try and dye a speckled colourway as her coat, but I’m afraid I may not do it justice.

If you love knitting and love dogs, a trip to I Knit is a must. You can drool at the wall-to-wall display of yarns, admire the gorgeous sample knits or just sit and chill out with Percy and Pan.
Percy 2

I’m definitely passing by every time I go back to London. Maybe see you there one of these days?

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  1. How cute are those doggies. I love them, they seem so very friendly. Love Pan,s coat, a great inspiration. I love knitting with my dog sitting with me as well, she enjoys snuggling close to the warm yarns while I work. 🙂


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