Patrick is 12

My baby turns 12 today.

That means no more child’s rate for airline tickets or hotel rooms. That’s one year away from being a teenager. The next 12 months will be the last of his childhood. But he will always, always be my baby.


My erstwhile knitwear model. When he was younger, it was easier to just put the WIP on him and take a photo.  These days, it takes a lot more convincing and sometimes bribery to get him to put something on, stay still for longer than 2 seconds so that I can take photos.


patrick hat

I still get hugs but only if I grab him and wrap him in my bingo arms and don’t let go. Otherwise he will run away and avoid getting a hug from mama. He still kisses me goodnight though. Pardon the awful photo, this was on his birthday last year.
march 2014

I can’t wait to see him conquer the world. After a patchy start in life, he seems to have it together and a lot of it on his own too so I am proud of the young man he’s become. I love you, Pat. Happy birthday!
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5 thoughts on “Patrick is 12

  1. They will always be your baby. Mine is 25, and still my baby! He is growing up a lovely young boy now. And you both look extremely happy together, quite the pair still. Hugs to you both.


      1. Oh wow, now that sounds like the best fun to have. Moonlight, bright stars, and camp fire, lots of stories to tell. Indeed a great idea.
        All the best with the exams. Keeping my fingers crossed, not that I think he needs it, he looks very clever!


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