FO: A study in stripes

Preeti and I did a KAL in summer last year. Gee, why does it sound like it was so long ago when it was only a few months in reality? Well,it was in 2014 so it is actually a while ago. Anyway, we talked about it and decided to knit Stripe Study Shawl together. I have made one in the past and decided I have way too many single skein sock yarns to make multiple colour combinations of the same shawl. And it’s garter stitch, what’s not to like?
sss-kal (3)

Admittedly, these are not my usual colours! But side-stepping out of my comfort zone was fun. I would not have been caught dead with a neon colourway before, and I have had this skein in my stash for ages with no pattern in mind so I am glad to have finally been able to use it.
sss-kal (4)

It’s not as big a shawl as I would have liked but if I scrunch it up and wear it as a big scarf then it will be cozy. I was worried that the dark blue would bleed into the neon green, but yay for Yarntini’s dyeing techniques, both colours maintained their vibrancy. The short rows were a delight because it meant I wasn’t knitting so many stitches all the time. The last dark blue section was a bit crazy though as the yarn was slowly running out, but I managed to complete it before I ran out completely! Phew!
sss-kal (2)

When we travelled to the Maldives in October, I packed this finished shawl specially to take photos of it. Unfortunately this photoshoot was rushed as the sun was setting so quickly and we were losing light. Not the best FOto ever but it will do. I bet Preeti will have an really stunning photo of her shawl when she finally posts it!
 stripes in the maldives

Cast on: 30 Jul 2014
Cast off: 17 Aug 2014
Needle: US 6/4.0 mm
Yarn: yarntini Semi-Solid Sock, Midnight Snow (dark blue) and Match Point (lime green)
Yardage: 430 yards of Midnight Snow, 393 yards of Match Point

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous Stripe Study Shawl! That last picture is stunning. I’m totally hanging my head in shame since my shawl is at the bottom of my WIPs basket. I’m going to finish it soon… you’ve motivated me 🙂


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