Yarn is serious business

These ladies take their yarn the same way they take their superheroes, scifi TV, food, fitness, work and pretty much everything else: seriously!  Just look at the level of concentration as Ruth tries to make a decision between those two skeins!

Thank you, Lisa and Ruth (and Jenny, Lyn, Anamarie, Marielle and mum, Michelle and Michelle) for supporting the little pop-up shop yesterday. Can’t wait to see what you make with these babies.

Just look at that yarn bouquet!

And yes, these are my yarn babies. I just had to give them a big hug before these ladies took them away from my hands.

6 thoughts on “Yarn is serious business

  1. Love that last picture Jocelyn! Yes, the decisions are oh-so-hard. I can’t even imagine being face to face with all those lovely yarns!


    1. I just had to get that photo in there, thanks to my friend Mina who is a fellow Canon user.

      How are you? I miss you! Heading over to your blog to leave a proper comment on your last post. x

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      1. I am well. Wishing I was rolling around in those lovely colors too, but I have plenty to keep me busy for a while. Enjoying the last of the fall here in lovely NC.


    1. It was a teary farewell – one entire bag went away to their new homes, where I;m sure they will be loved.

      I’m dyeing more anyway.


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