TBT #3

Throwback to earlier this year when the bosses took us on a yacht cruise out from the Marina. I never get tired of this view. This was the first time I saw this back view of the Burj. And yes, there is a giant cross made by the Skybar Lounge and the lift shaft. sov-yacht-2014 (62)

Look at that ugly smog line! Just think about it, we breathe that in every day. Ick! That is the other Burj in the middle of the photo. sov-yacht-2014 (46)

I look like I’m modelling for ThirtyOne with my Cindy Tote! This was us ladies at the Dubai Marina Mall waiting for the go-ahead from the captain to board the yacht. sov-yacht-2014 (3)

And on our merry way! It was quite cool actually despite all that glorious sunshine. We sailed out as far as the Burj Al Arab site, stayed there a bit for photos and then made our way back to the marina. It was a fun day. sov-yacht-2014 (12)