Fall TV season!

It still makes me wonder what other people do when they don’t like watching TV. I know some people who like to go out and party with friends, or play sports or do something else. I suppose you do find other things to do when there’s no idiot box in your house. But I just can’t imagine not having the escape provided by my TV shows. It’s like an avid reader being stuck in a house where there is not a single thing to read, not even a telephone book!

I’m not judging, just wondering how different it might be if we didn’t have a TV. I’d be forced to talk to my husband and my son, and the cat. That or retreat deeper into my social networks on my phone. That is just sad. Thank goodness we have a TV!

And Fall TV is the best season ever. Warning: mild spoilers ahead in case you haven’t seen any of the new season premiers.

shieldThis season begins with the return of Director Coulson and his small but loyal circle of agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I avoided any sneak previews and spoilers until I watched the season premier so it was a pretty good viewing. I also watched it on my iPhone aboard the train on my morning commute. I think the premier gave us a lot of hope for the rest of the season. I hope they won’t be doing a lot of flashbacks to show us what happened during hiatus. Okay, Skye became May’s Padawan, Fitz is on the fritz, Triplett is now a trusted member of the team and is definitely too cool to be in it. Coulson is exhausted and clearly frustrated between having to track down allies he could trust, fighting Hydra, trying to get Gen. Talbot to see that they are the good guys and keeping his team together. I almost forgot about Ward too! Until Skye went down Vault D to extract intel from him. Jury’s still out on Ward. He was neck-deep in Hydra from the get-go so there’s probably no way of knowing for sure if he wants to help or if he just wants out. Three episodes in and I think they found their groove. Coulson’s witty one-liners, delivered by Clark Gregg in classic Coulson manner makes me warm all over. And Simmons! OMG Simmons!

bonesI think I need to re-watch the last two episodes at least of the previous season of Bones. I only have a vague recollection of the conspiracy against Booth and I am very hazy on the details. David Boreanaz never looked better! It’s great to see the team rallying behind one of their own, as usual, and Daisy! Oh, wow, I did not see that coming. That was a nice surprise. I actually liked that. James Aubrey, I still don’t like you, I know it’s just the first episode but there is something very shady about you, and until you are proven innocent, you my man are guilty. I had to slink away into the kitchen to avoid crying in front of my husband who will not understand why I’m crying because of a TV show. But this is bigger than when Vincent kicked it. And I loved Vincent’s character.

big bangSheldon! Obnoxious as ever, but I love him anyway. I like Penny’s new do. I hope the writers take the Sheldon-Amy relationship just a step further. Are we getting a wedding at the end of the season? That might actually push Sheldon off the edge – just remember what he went through with the engagement! I don’t think the writers would be so cruel as to tear Leonard and Penny apart. They’re getting really good.

five-oFor a second there I thought I was watching a spin-off of The Walking Dead set in Hawaii. Okay, guys, you got me hooked again on this excellent season premiere. Thanks for the most part to Jorge Garcia’s character. It’s like having a little kid in the group, and all his crazy theories aside, he offers a really good balance in the cast. This was a really good premier and I hope this continues because at some point in the last two seasons, I kinda lost interest. I’m loving it again now and I hope it only gets better.


castleWhere the heck did Castle go? What happened? I know there was Twitter talk of a Misery angle. Frankly, that would have been a very interesting storyline to pursue, but maybe too flimsy to stick. I think this will be a long story arc, probably all season, and I admit that with the second episode, it raised even more questions. I like that Kate believes in Castle and that he is not making this up. I actually suspect Castle’s father has involvement in this at some level. How else can Castle manage all of this without that kind of help? Oh and yay Javi and Lanie!

csi-s14Holy crap! What an intro! This is the one show where not a single episode is boring. Fourteen seasons and not a single case repeated, well apart from long story arcs. I have nothing but praise for this show. I never really got into the spin-offs (NY and Miami) and every time I catch it on the TV I just can’t get into the rhythm of the show. I did like Gary Sinise in the NY show, and I think if I gave it a chance I would learn to like it. Miami? Sorry, but not a chance hell.


Well, as a self-declared Whovian, I’m ashamed to say that I have not caught up on this show. I did watch the first two episodes, spread over a few days but have not seen anything since then. Peter Capaldi is an acquired taste for sure. He’s had his moments and I liked them, but I need to watch the rest of the episodes with a clear head. I could not even get my husband to sit through the first episode. He says he does not like the new doctor, there’s something about him that does not look right. Frankly, I find Clara’s perkiness to be just a bit too much. I think it’s time for a new companion.

Woot! Love love love this show! Callen, with hair! OMG, that was a hilarious scene. I wish they did make Deeks ruffle up Callen’s hair. Maybe there’s a BTS of that? I love the way Kensi and Talia are interacting. About time Kensi gets a girlfriend, even though she has Nell, it’s still different when it’s someone who is a field agent and knows their way around guns. Anyway, excellent first few episodes. Things just keep getting better. Hettie’s the most mysterious woman in all of TV land at the moment and I can’t wait to see how it all unravels.

spnPut away the salt, the holy water, the exorcism and the Angel blade please because I love this show so much but I have to say that the first episode left me wanting. There was just no rhyme or reason. Unless that is exactly what they wanted to achieve. And who the heck is the new guy beating up Sammy?! I know there was a hiatus, but I really hate it when they have to backtrack in the next few episodes just to bring us up to speed. I am still on the fence about Dean’s new hair. Also Dean’s anti-possession tattoo, what good is that for now?

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  1. So, the interwebs totally ate my comment, LOL 🙂 You’ve got a great list lined up!! TV watching is totally my way to wind down at the end of the day. I’ve just finished watching back to back episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and next on my list is Breaking Bad. Yes, so very late to the game for both of these 😉


    1. Hehe, interwebs hungry! I didn’t quite get on board with OITNB, but have heard good things about it. Maybe I will watch it after the series ends. Breaking Bad is so good – where are you in that?

      Stalker is a great new show too. try the first episode, you will like it.

      Whatcha knitting while enjoying these new shows?


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