It’s that time of the year again

It’s Johann’s birthday – yay!

Feels like only a while ago when we attended his super cool airline-themed birthday party. This year’s theme, however, is bowling. Yay! So you can imagine, I brought along a pair of handknitted socks so that I could play too. I wouldn’t pass up a chance to knock down some pins whenever I can. For the knitters out there, this was the lucky pair I wore to the bowling party. Love me some STR and Cotty!

johann turns 6

Of course the cake matches the theme of the party! Hats off to Carlos for yet another superb birthday cake. Really sad that he has gone out of the business of cake-making because he is very good at it. Remember the superhero-themed cake from when Johann turned 4? This year’s cake is just as fabulous.
bday cake

The happy family. I’d like to do a collage of the family portraits from previous years just to see how much Johann has grown and also to see how strict Myrene is with her diet! Hehehehe! Peace! You’re just as beautiful as the first day I met you.
the solianos

Thank goodness for the great blend of natural and overhead lighting at the venue, or this group photo would have come out differently. I am not a fan of flash photography, maybe because I have not mastered the art, but it adds weight to the gear and I can’t be bothered to fidget with settings. I just want to shoot!

Selfie! In case you don’t know it already, I’m very protective of my camera and the photos that it takes so I don’t just let anyone handle my camera and start shooting in P mode (gasp!) with the built-in flash up (more gasp!). I also abhor the Live View on recent models but they do come in handy. Like when I want to be in the photo but don’t want a stranger touching my camera. 🙂

The food was great. Perfect for bowling. We all played a full game before lunch was served. We had salads, pasta, pizza, wraps and fries. Very greasy so I didn’t go back to bowling afterwards.

I’m still building up the courage to go in front of the camera more often. Maybe when I lose another 20 lbs? Anyway, I had to because Myrene wanted me in the photo. Thank you to whoever took this photo. At least there’s no flash!
me and the family

I swear I did not touch your face up here, Myrene. I didn’t see the need to do so. Cute photo of mom and son, except son refuses to smile.
mommy's little boy

Johann had a great time bowling. Take note, the aisle guards were not raised and he managed not to roll the ball into the gutter. I think he even bowled some spares and strikes too.
johann bowling

Nice ass, missus! 🙂 Myrene approved this photo. And take note, flats on the bowling alley – what a rebel!
nice ass!

I bowled a 140 in the first game. I suck at this. I need more practice. To be fair, the lane was too oily and I swear it curves just a bit to the left towards the end there so no matter how much I throw to the right or the centre, it keeps going to the left.
needs practice

Husband and son decided to play with different balls after lunch.
different balls

And here follows some random, candid photos of party guests. I hope no one minds that I took their photos. I like the more natural, candid poses in case you haven’t figured it out already.
high fives

party hats on!


Thanks for having us, Carlos, Myrene and Johann. Until next year!

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