In a little more than two hours, the fantabulous mayhem that is GISHWHES will begin for 2014. More info here.


I signed up because 1) it’s Misha, 2) it’s both a fun and adventurous way to give back, 3) I want to test myself and see how far I could go to complete the hunt. And did I mention it’s partly because of Misha?

Last year’s list was daunting: 155 items of varying degrees of silliness and fun! Points are awarded for each item on the list so I guess the team with the highest points win. Also I don’t think any team has ever submitted all items on the list. Hopefully my team, TardisDream, can submit as many as possible.

Friends, family, work colleagues, casual acquaintances…..I hope I can rely on your help to accomplish the tasks assigned to me. If anything, would you be willing to take photos and videos of me doing silly things?

5 thoughts on “GISHWHES 2014

    1. It is! Have you seen the list of items? Most are scandalously weird, but fun, just not something I can easily do and get away with. I have some on the list which are doable and I have between now and Sat to complete them. Will definitely post them once the embargo on posting tasks on social media is lifted, i.e. 8 hours after the deadline.


      1. Ahhh…so THAT”S why I haven’t been able to find many updates.
        Scandalously weird… I’m really intrigued. ;P


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