Third Sacrament

It’s a little late, but Patrick has finally received his First Holy Communion. In solidarity, we all decided to wear white tops o=for the occasion. The teenagers kept joking saying Patrick was a member of Westlife and would breakout in a verse of “Flying Without Wings” at a drop of a hat.

Eibee is a master as selfies using my camera now. I find it clunky and my arms don;t reach that far so she does it for me. I didn’t trust anyone walking by to take a decent photo of us anyway.

Photobombed by Joseph! There’s always one in every family.

That’s Father Tom, the Filipino parish priest in St. Mary’s Church in Dubai. He’s pretty cool. He puts catechism on a high priority so the kids get a really good education. I heard he’s leaving us soon, would be a big loss for the community if he did.

They had official photographers and videographers for the event but I was able to take this photo of Patrick just after he had received his first communion.
after bread

Selfie while we waited for the kids to come out.

Wanted for photobombing. I don’t know how his hair manages to look good even though he doesn’t actually comb it.

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    1. Thank you! I know some people frown upon selfies, I know I do esp if all people post on their social media sites are selfies! But sometimes it can’t be helped.


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