One family weekend

So much stuff and photos to blog about going back from October last year but I can’t seem to find the time. Ah well, what else is new right?

I always find excuses not to sit down and blog about things: we recently upgraded the home PC so it now has Windows 8 which meant having to install all new 64-bit applications and then slowly transfer working files and filters and add-ons from the old PC, not to mention make sure iTunes is set up properly so that we don’t lose any data or apps when we plug into the new PC. Wasn’t technology supposed to make these things easier?

Anyway, I decided to download whatever photos I had in the camera last night, get the latest Lightroom (from PirateBay – I won’t tell if you won’t!) and actually finish the processing before I forget what the photos were all about! So here goes, and that was your warning for a photo-heavy post by the way in case that wasn’t obvious enough.

Beach! Yes, we went to the beach. This was before it got too hot to be out at 4.30 in the afternoon. This was one of those random, spontaneous things we do on occasion. We decided to go to the beach and a public beach at that, behind Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa in Jumeirah, or as locals like to call it, Moscow Beach because there used to be an abundance of Russians sunbathing here. These days, it’s called Jumeirah Open Beach. They tidied it up a bit and has a cycling and jogging trail separating the beach and the playgound/changing room areas. I don’t have any other photo of the day because I left the camera in the car and got back to it only when I couldn’t stand the fishy taste of the water. Still, it was good to get out there and get some sun.
sunset at the beach

I told you about new Lightroom presets, didn’t I? Well, if not, you’ll get to hear about it anyway. My go-to presets are the freebies from onOne Software. There’s a lot in each set and can be quite overwhelming at first, but once you find the ones that work for your own style, you tend to stick to those. Anyway, they released some new free sets including their Signature Collections which, with a bit of tweak here and there, makes photographs just that bit more sharp without it being over-processed. And that, by the way, is a natural sun flare right there. Even in this very sunny place, sun flares are not easy to capture in photographs.
Patrick at the beach

The obligatory mother/daughter photo. Every year she grows a little taller than me. Soon I will be the shortest member of the family. Patrick holds that title for now, but even he is growing at a steady pace and if he keeps up I think he will actually be taller than his father (5ft 9in). Oh and Eibee’s hair, her boyfriend dyes it. Told her to let it breathe a while and just let it grow longer then she can decide what to do with it.
mother and daughter

Joseph’s not in the photo because he slept over a a friend’s house that night. After the usual mid-monthly meet-up with the knitters, we went to the Dubai Mall for a stroll and dinner. Please try not to focus on the fact that my two boys seem to be wearing the same shirts all the time. It’s just one of those things.
at DM

She loves the camera, this one. Always willing to pose for me so I take advantage of it. Apologies for the over-processed look of these, which is so unlike me, but I have been playing around with new Lightroom presets.

Not the best lighting at the Dubai Mall, too yellow/orange, but it will do. I didn’t have a very good lens with me so could not take really sharp images.

Okay, I hang my head in shame for this uber-processed photograph. I just had to do it. With her toothy smile and bright face.

Yes,no, I don’t know how to play actual pool. I can kick someone’s ass on the iPhone app but I’m hopeless with the real kind.
pool hall

My very worthy opponent!
sink or swim

Even Patrick plays better than me!
pool hall hustler

He’s too busy with his phone to play but he kept giving me hints on which ball to sink first and how to hit the cue ball.
too busy with his phone

More photos of their summer holiday to follow. I am really getting worse with this because they are going back to Manila on Saturday and I have not even blogged properly about it yet. Well, I have photos of our weekend away to share soon. Thanks for dropping by.

3 thoughts on “One family weekend

  1. Great pics and narrative of fun times with the kids. You know I’m a lover of post processing and filters and recipes for pics coz they’re so much fun and potatochipy 😉


  2. Hey J!
    Wow- there are some stunning photos here. Love the moodiness of the last one but also your filters you used with Eibee- are they Lightroom filters? I’d love to try them- have a family shoot coming up soon and wouldn’t mind trying them out.. 🙂

    ETA- Damn. How does one post on WordPress without an account?!! Seemingly impossible. I’ve had to break my cardinal rule and use my school blog account. Apologies!


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