Owl mania

Ever since earning my Sewing Machine Driving License, I have not gone near any machine. I looked at fabric stashes on Pinterest, does that count? Anyway, when reMADE DXB announced a Saturday session of their Too Whit Too Whoo workshop, I signed up right away. I thought I’d figure out how to actually sew when I get there. Good thing that fellow Amira Louise was in the same workshop!

So first things first, we had to choose our combination of fabric for the owl. There was plenty to choose from and it was not easy! But Paula helped me pick out these pretty ones. Not something that I would normally choose but they blended and complimented each other very well.
fabric chosen

Next was to trace the relevant shape on the appropriate fabric and cut them according to the owl template. It was not as easy as it sounds because you would want to be economical about it and not waste any fabric, esp if they are expensive. Theresa helped me with this and I am glad to say I did not waste any fabric.
looking good

And then the sewing began. Fun! The big parts were easy enough, but the fiddly bit was the feet. My owl has mismatched feet. One is in desperate need of a pedicure and the other could use with losing a bit of weight. But no worries, the feet are not the prominent features of the owl anyway.
nearly there

After all the machine sewing was done, it was time to stuff up our bird. Paula provided a pack of stuffing from Daiso. It was just the right amount of stuffing too, not too thin, not bulging either. Hand-sewing the opening shut using ladder stitch was a bigger challenge for me!
all stuffed up

And there she is! All plump and big-eyed. This owl is now with Adrianna, I hope she likes it and the googly eyes don’t scare her. I want to make more! And thanks to Louise for the hand-me-down-but-good-as-new sewing machine, I will be able to do so very soon. Just need to get my supplies together and clear out some space at home.

If you are in Dubai and would like to learn how to make cute stuff like this owl, please visit their Facebook page where you will find lots of inspiration, their winter workshop schedule and just general fun stuff that will appeal to crafters of all ages and skill level.

6 thoughts on “Owl mania

  1. Thank you so much for your kind words Jocelyn. We love your owl and look forward to seeing you make loads more! We love having you come to the studio, both to sew and as part of The Knitting Amiras. Sewing I can do, knitting? That’s another story………


  2. Bravo! I saw the ones that Jackie sewed a while back and was smitten. Your owlie is just as cute and Adrianna will love it for sure 🙂


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