Quickie in Manila

It has been a hectic couple of weeks, hence the lack in post updates. However, I’ve found a lull in my busy day at work so I’m taking every chance I can to complete this post before the news I want to share gets old.

Most of you know that Lisa and I flew to Manila last week. On Pearl Business Class. Thank you, Lisa and Etihad Airways! It has spoiled me and flying coach again will be such a drag after this. A couple of hours before our descent, I took this photo of the skies.
etihad airways (1)

I’m really happy with the hotel we chose to stay in. It’s within spitting distance of the MOA Arena and the mall and the seaside restaurant area. The kids and I got adjoining rooms on the 11th floor and this is the view from my window. Fairly clear skies despite those ominous clouds.

And there’s Lisa and me in case anyone doubted if we were really there. This was taken on our last day in Manila, on our way to the mall for some last minute shopping and a spot of lunch. Yes, it was windy that day, why do you ask?
Lisa and me in Manila

Thanks to Joseph for taking this photo of me looking very pleased with my long tall drink of combination citrus shake. Just the thought of fresh dalandan, calamansi and lemon drink made my mouth water and brought me back to some really fond childhood memories. Lisa, Joseph and I had grilled pork chops for dinner. We felt like such rebels eating pork in public! Eibee had her favourite roast lamb and Viel had butterfly prawns. Ed, my son-in-law, had roast beef pasta. The place was called Highland Premier Steakland and it was a great find. Good selection of food and drinks, spacious and well-lit. I wouldn’t mind going back if I was in town.
Highlands dinner (3)

And then there was Yellowcab Pizza. Nom nom. The Manhattan Meatlovers pizza was the best along with Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and the Twice Baked Potato Halves. Joseph ate an entire pizza in total, I think. I had one slice of pizza, one potato skin and a few spoonfuls of the pasta and I was full.
yellowcadinner (2)

Now the main reason for the trip was the first ever Manila concert of Matchbox Twenty. There are very few bands that I would go through all this trouble for so you can just imagine my disappointment when they cancelled the show on account of the super typhoon which was about to land at that time. I could go on and on about it but it hardly seems relevant now. The upside for me? Getting to spend some time with the kids and grandkids. That was the best weekend I’ve had in a while. Esp seeing Joseph and these two crazy girls again.
girls (10)

And of course, seeing Nash again after nearly two years and meeting Adrianna for the first time. They were more than a handful but they were adorable. Of course, I can say that because I don’t spend every waking moment with them and not have to deal with their tantrums and ever-changing sleep patterns. I’ve done that. Four times. And I survived to tell the tale. Now it’s Viel’s turn, and I would love to be able to help out whenever I can, so I am looking forward to coming back for Christmas.
Day1 (19)

The last time I saw Nash, he was still a baby. But now, he’s grown up more and has personality all his own. He is affectionate and very active. He loves holding your hand while you walk down the street. He gives hugs and kisses without asking for anything in return. He loves the Minions and Spongebob and the Lorax. He loves Chocos for breakfast. And he can sleep round the clock when he’s really really tired.
Day1 (5)

He is such a sweet boy. Although he needs a haircut. I know it’s not something I should focus on but I see a messy head of hair and I want to either comb it back or get it trimmed.
last MOA trip (1)

Now this little miss just went and stole my heart away. She’s an absolute darling and I cannot wait to see how much she would grow up in a month’s time. She is very attached to her mother on account of breastfeeding, but when she is fed and showered and dry, Adrianna loves just being there. She sits and watches the Minions (she loves them!), she picks on anything around her and they all go into her mouth, she is such a delight. And I know somebody who will be promptly wrapped around this little girl’s finger as soon as they meet each other.
Day1 (3)

Did I tell you these kids love the Minions? Here’s proof! They can watch the same film over and over and still find it fascinating. But that’s what kids are like, right?
minions (8)

I am so glad for digital cameras. I would have ran out of film if I was using a film camera! Those big brown eyes are just amazing!
Miss A (2)

On my last day with them, she let me carry her and hug her and kiss her. I was not about to let the opportunity slide! I just wish I could have snuck her into my handbag and brought her back here with me.
last day with A (7)

One more for the road…I’m dying out here! I know I shouldn’t say it because she’s my granddaughter, but she is cuter than a button!
Miss A (23)

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  1. Oh my goodness your cherubs are so adorable!!!! It must have been so hard to say goodbye, but keep thinking about being back for Christmas πŸ™‚


  2. Oh wow, how beautiful. You looked stunning, especially the picture of you with your tall drink. The lights in the background makes the picture perfect. Indeed lovely. Thanks for sharing with us all. πŸ™‚


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