Carb Buster

My Gmail inbox gets every blog post from The Pioneer Woman. I love seeing her posts. Although I admit most of the time I scroll down to see the photos and skim through the ingredients and recipe. I like her sense of humour, but a regular dose of it is just too much for my liking. I can only take so much chirpy and perky and mildly sarcastic humour. I want the simple, easy-to-follow recipes please. Thank you very much.

So I won’t hold it against you if you just scroll down to look at the photos on my blog posts too.

One such recipe is her Carb Buster Breakfast. I bought one medium piece each of the green and yellow courgette the night before. The recipe is so easy to follow, no one can possibly fail doing this! Here is the first part of the breakfast cooking away. I added some sage (because I love the smell) and lots of freshly ground pepper.

The second part are the tomatoes. See I never waste anything, I included all of the tomato, the ends are just as good and still edible so why throw it away? I used some non-stick cooking spray and sprinkled basil and salt on either side of the tomatoes while they roast on the pan.

No photo of the eggs poaching as it looks awful. But here is the final product.   It doesn’t look like much but it was a tasty and filling meal.  I skipped the wedge of cheese which was in the original recipe.  Let me tell you though that the temptation to grab a slice of toast was overwhelming.  But a little voice inside my head, that sounded a lot like Paul, kept coaxing me on to just polish off my plate and know that I chose to eat healthy.

Thanks, Paul!  And Ree for the wonderful recipe.
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One thought on “Carb Buster

  1. That is so my kinda meal, eggs, veggies and a small slice of thick cut bacon, mmm! I had to “cull” P-Dub Cooks from my blog feed because of all the tempting culinary creations she keeps posting and most of her recipes begin with, “a stick of butter”. However, I’ve printed one out to keep on hand to throw together whenever the mood fancies – it’s her dump cake – so sinful yet so delicious.


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