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To the most wonderful man I have ever known,

my husband, happy 44th birthday.

Thank you for everything that you have done and continue to do for our family.

You hold us up, all of us. I love you.

And now for some thought-provoking, inspiring trivia:

44 is the Master Vibration of Dynamic Inspiration. And it requires balance between worlds. Balancing family/work, spirit/earth, emotion/logic, etc. with a strong foundation established in each. Foundation is key. Without a good foundation, things fail. Like the house built on sand. 44 tests that foundation. But it also tests connection between “earth and sky.” Foundation is half the equation. A building isn’t enough to just have the foundation and skeleton. The realization of the vision involves the rest, the design, the architecture. You won’t get there without the planning and work (4), but it’s not complete until the rest is put together – the part everyone sees and focuses on (8). That’s why 8 is the number of completion. And that’s why it’s so attractive and glowy. It’s like a celebrity. It’s the pretties we see in that fantastic feat of architecture. No one tends to admire the foundation, but the building would not be possible without it.

Credit: this blog post.

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