The Luca Edition

Luca is our nearly 4-year old tabby. He was a rescue. He was in foster care for a few months before we met him at an adoption day at a local vet clinic. I don’t remember life without Luca. It’s like he has always been a part of our life here in the UAE.
beautiful luca

He has such a great personality! He makes a lot of funny faces, especially when he’s asleep. His vocal range is quite impressive, although he wasn’t very “talkative” at first.  It all started last year and he’s at it all the time. Specially at night when we’re ready to go to bed.

Patrick loves snuggling with Luca. Sometimes Luca snuggles back.
my boys

But most of the time, Luca just wants to lick and bite Patrick. Can’t say I blame him, because I like biting Patrick’s chubby cheeks too!

And yes, Luca’s feet work too. It’s just that, being a cat, he likes to nap. A lot. When he’s on all fours, he’s either running around rampant from sofa to floor, from one room to another, from coffee table to the top of the TV to the top of the book shelf. He’s everywhere, really! I usually wake up with his warm, soft body on the top of my pillow.
it stands!

Life’s never really boring with this crazy, funny cat around.

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