Procrastination can be productive

I knew it was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. I had every intention of being monogamous to my current cardigan project, but it landed on Sleeve Island and it sort of took a bit of steam out of the entire experience. That, coupled with one of those “Oooh, shiny!” moments meant that I was winding up yet another skein of yarn to cast on a new project.

I swear it was a quickie. Just the right amount of distraction from the stockinette merry-go-round of the first cardigan sleeve. It’s also a test knit for Joji using my MCN DK. She made the prototype using the skein I sent her as a gift. To stay true to her design, I decided to use the same yarn base.

I was worried about how busy this colourway was going to be and that the cable detail may not show up well. I should not have worried. The yarn brought out the details just fine. I love the sprinkle of bright red across the hat, just enough to give it contrast.
dubai hat

I love the crown decreases! Although if you look closely you’ll see the spit where I knitted when I should have been purling. Doh. I love this hat. I hope Joji releases the pattern soon so you can all whip up your own Dubai Hats too!

Another quickie is this soft pink baby cardigan for a colleague’s baby girl. I made the 6-month size so that she can get more wear out of it. This would be perfect around winter in the UK when they travel there.
baby cardi
I made this just in the nick of time for the Q4 KAL over on the Irish Girlie Knits Group in Ravelry. I was feeling so bad about not participating in the KAL when I’m a co-moderator. Then again, there was no push needed to get this baby cardi done because it was such a lovely and quick knit. I used what’s left of the Crystal Palace Bunny Hop, one of the oldest yarn in my stash. It’s so soft and lovely to work with. I’d buy another bag in a heartbeat, if I weren’t trying to be good and knitting from stash right now.
with button

That’s all the quickie projects for now. I’m back to finishing cardigans. A second Goodale in Sundara Yarn Sport Merino (Mint Julep) for the Sweater KAL, Ohlala by Joji in Wollmeise DK and Sundara DK Merino for her Fall KAL and a Serra in Tosh MCN Worsted.

2 thoughts on “Procrastination can be productive

  1. Love the hat, the colorway is sooo watermelon! Love it!!! You’ve got a nice knitting queue going there! I’m stuck on never ending sleeve island too.


  2. Love the little baby sweater, so very pretty.
    And the hat is super cute. Just at the right time, and in perfect “Xmas” colours. Perfect for the festive season. 🙂


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