Southwold in the Desert

Right then. I gave you a sneak peek at this shawl a while ago, and since it was a secret test knit I have kept it hidden until now. The pattern is finally released! southwold Thank you, Your Majesty the Skein Queen, for the opportunity to knit your beautifully designed shawl, and using one of your British wool yarns too. I love your great eye for colours, and it shows on the finished shawl. Much of the shawl is inspired by the colourful Southwold beach huts. Erm, there was a kink in the early versions of the pattern so my shawl does not have the Beach Hut Stripe section as it should. But I still love it! southwold (6)

It is a generous size after blocking and the yarn is gorgeous, which is a blend of Exmoor Blue from Devon and merino from New Zealand. It’s all organic and very warm yet very light. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was not as bad to knit with as I thought. The yarn was soft, even softer after soaking, and very light even though the shawl was growing exponentially after each section. southwold (8)

My friend Lisa helped model the shawl during one of the Amiras meet-ups. This photo was taken in the middle of summer in Dubai, but yes it was indoors with the AC on. Still, I did not think Lisa found it comfortable. But when the weather cools down, this would be the perfect accessory esp in Arctic conditions in offices and malls! southwold (2) My project notes are here, not really giving much away but I mentioned the amount of yarn I used so that you can decide if you have enough yarn in your stash. I have plenty leftover from what Debbie sent and I told her I would like to make a cowl using the patterns form her design. but oh well I have not had time to sort that out. Perhaps at the end of the month when test knits and baby gift knits are done. Well ahead of Budapest anyway, if it happens at all in December!

I love how the shawl drapes and stays put on your shoulders. I suppose the fact that it is proper wool, not superwash, which means it clings to your shoulders and your clothes and stays there.  No tugging every five seconds to keep it in place. southwold (3)

Thanks again, Debbie for the test knit gig and Lisa for modelling.

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  1. gorgeous color choices! there’s something about a wool shawl that is soothing even though you’ll have to wait a while longer for sporting this beauty outdoors 😉


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