Little people topper

Knitting for the little people is fun. It’s also very quick and incredibly satisfying! But you know what’s not so much fun? The fact they they grow up so fast that you have to knit more, larger sizes and get them to use the knitted items round the clock. Babies look good in anything, so just put the dang thing on them and at a very young age they won’t be able to resist or pull the thing off anyway.

Take this hat, for example, that I made for the baby boy of a colleague at work. He just turned 1 and he was not here to get measurements so I worked with approximates. I cast on 72 stitches on 4mm needles using Laines du Nord Maxi which is advertised as a worsted weight. Perfect, I said! And I have to admit I like the finished hat.
flying geese (2)

I caved in to (previous) peer pressure and made tassels this time. Two colours too. I actually used a haphazard method to make this, but they work and they are secure so I’m happy.
flying geese

But apparently the hat is a bit snug. Sad face. I hope the baby gets enough use out of this hat before he grows out of it. I know I can always make another hat, and I probably will, but have to keep in mind that I need to allow for his growing noggin’ next time.
flying geese (1)

This project is raveled!. One of the things I changed is to make a six-row stripe sequence. I know my flying V’s are not exactly symmetrical or in any obvious order. I was just winging it. One of these days, I will follow the actual pattern.

Speaking of baby hats, I finally gifted these hats that I finished a while ago when I was on another baby knitting kick. At last I have made an Aviatrix Baby Hat. I used my skein of Indigodragonfly MCS in colourway River Song. I love this yarn! So smooshy, so lovely to knit with and the finished item just stands out. Can you imagine a sweater in this yarn? It would be divine!

Flying Vs. I just had to do it. I was really pleased with the colour combination. Okay so this photo was taken pre-pompom. I made the expectant mom promise me to send photos of her soon-to-be-born baby girl wearing this hat.  Apparently her husband liked this hat the best out of the three hats I made.

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  1. Aaaaahhhhhh, you’re killing me with this cuteness! Love the little tassles, I was part of that peer pressuring crowd, tee hee 😉


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