Turning 5

A couple of weekends ago, we were invited to celebrate a certain little boy’s 5th birthday. This would be the third year running that we have attended Johann’s birthday party so you can imagine we’ve seen him grow up. And he’s still only just 5! This wonderful cake was a creation by the birthday boy’s dad. Chocolate and red velvet layers with fondant. Even the airplane was edible!

The theme of the party was “Up, Up and Away” and it was conceptualized by Myrene, birthday boy’s mommy. She did everything on her own : the party favours, the cutlery labels, everything! If I ever need a party organized, I’d hire Myrene in an instant! But sadly she has another full-time job so this was a labour of love for her baby boy.
Just look at this table fully loaded with goodies! It was all I could do to stop myself from pinching and tasting one of everything. I love how visually appealing this display is, plus the goodies are very yummy too.
Just look at these colours! Myrene has a great eye for detail and she left no stone unturned. The colours remained within the primaries without being too Spiderman-y.
colourful table

How adorable is this, huh? I did claim my baggage and Patrick enjoyed the contents. It’s little things like this that make even the simplest party memorable.
baggage claim
And there’s the birthday boy with one of his birthday presents! He loves planes, can’t you tell?
bday boy
Food! It was all home-cooked so it was just like coming over for dinner at Myrene’s and enjoying a quiet dinner. Mostly made by her husband, and mostly pork dishes because Myrene loves pork. And I do too!
There were a few kids in the house so we had fun and games for them. Thank goodness there were no tears! I think the adults had more fun coaxing the kids around.
And the grown-ups played too! The mommies sure had a lot of fun playing this particular game.
And yes, even the dads played too. They were quite reserved and very macho about it at first but once the game got going, it was a lot of fun for both the spectators and the players. Sadly, my husband lost out in the finals.
more games
It’s always great to be the one taking photographs when there are beautiful people around. Thank you, ladies!
beautiful people
No, this is not Johann’s baby sister. Myrene just borrowed someone’s baby to pose for me. I bet she was all broody though. 🙂
feeling mommy
The baby’s mom said she gets tired waiting for her baby to smile for her on camera so that when she saw this she asked for a copy. I was just sitting on the next table and had my camera fixed on the baby, waiting for her to smile. And she did!
cute baby

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