In case you haven’t seen it yet

Here’s Gwendoline again.  I really am sorry if you are seeing this for the nth time today.
gwendoline (1)

Yes, I am so friggin’ happy and excited about this particular collaboration because I did not expect Paulina to say yes when I asked if she would design a shawl with my yarn. I had to muster up the courage to ask her, otherwise I would not have gotten to know her a little more and experience firsthand her amazing talent.

gwendoline (2)

Here’s Paulina modelling the protoype using a colourway that I dyed specially for her. She wanted muted jewel tones. I think I got really close to what she was asking for. I am knitting my own version, it’s fun, and rather quick considering it’s lace and cables and picot points. I just hope I can find a model as pretty as this amazing designer. Thank you, Paulina!
gwendoline (3)

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