KAL aka Knit ALong

I am not usually very good with KALs. Some people thrive with having time restrictions on their knitting, I used to be the same but then the “Ohhh shiny!” moments kick in and I must cast on all the projects. With more relaxed KALs however, it does make for an enjoyable experience.

So I have signed up for the KAL in Joji’s Ravelry group. This KAL is probably one of the largest I have ever participated in, in terms of the number of participants. I think last night we had over 250 participants already and more are signing up. I have decided to knit the Ohlala cardigan so it’s going into the General Cardigan category of the KAL.

This gives me the opportunity to use my much-coveted Wollmeise DK in Heavy Metal and contrast it with my Sundara DK Merino in Fading Leaves in the Fog. I am so pumped for this KAL that I even swatched twice! Yes, me, swatching twice. Who would have thought this was going to happen ever?

My first swatch was plain stockinette of each colour stacked one on top of the other. I got gause-ish, but then it was measured pre-blocking. I liked the way they look together but Bernie said I should do some more to see how they actually look when striped according to pattern.

Which brings us to swatch #2. Striping as per pattern. I love it! I’m only a bit worried about running out of the Heavy Metal, so if you have any of it lying around in your stash and are willing to part with it, let me know and I might be contacting you in around 2 months’ time.
swatch 2

Can’t wait to get started!

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