A bit of everything

Lovely knitter June from Austin, TX visited Dubai recently and I met up with her and her lovely daughter and kitties Oliver and Wilson (pictured below). June made a stopover in a little shop in Germany and brought back about 30 skeins of gorgeous yarn. It was all I could do to stop myself from jumping on the table and laying down on the yarns!

June and Holly welcomed me to their home overlooking the Dubai Marina. I can just imagine sitting out on their balcony on a cool December evening, knitting and chatting away. June was so sweet and gave me a set of her own handmade stitchmarkers with some beautiful iridescent Japanese beads. I’ve been using these for my Bello and they do liven things up. Thanks again, June!

Now well, here’s a surprise that came in the mail last week. Took it’s sweet time to get here but that made it even better. A knitted postcard from SarahintheDesert! I just had to specify which Sarah as I know a few Sarahs. Thank you so much! I love it!

And not only did Sarah knit me a postcard, she also sent some Whovian goodies. A magazine with a sonic screwdriver (for my son) and a TARDIS blue measuring tape for me. Wheee! Felt like Christmas came early. Thank you so much, Sarah! Truly appreciated.

Last, but not the least, I don’t think I’ve ever shown you these goodies I received from Sundara recently. Three skeins of different yarns from the last Sock Club from left to right: Petite Sock Yarn in Delicate Blossom over Cool Mint, new Sock Yarn in Plum and FMC in Razzleberry Swirl. No project plans yet so I’m open to suggestions.

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