Lantern parade

I love how the IKEA showroom changes so often. They must have some of the most creative interior decorators. You know those tiny living spaces that they mock up with actual furniture and make them look really lived in? I love those. But in reality, do you think you can live in such a cramped, but very well furnished space?

The lamps and lanterns make up for the tiny space somehow.
ikea lantern

Across the way at the Dubai Mall, this funky lamp at Soy caught my eye. I like the unusual shape, although I have never had lamps at home. I often dream about having a lamp by my side of the couch for knitting. But the living room is well-lit as it is so I cannot really justify buying one.
soy lantern

More lamps/lanterns! Don’t you just love these colours? They go very well with the backlit mirrors, don’t you think? Oh as for Soy, great Chinese restaurant by the way. Grab a bite if you are ever in Dubai Mall or Ibn Battuta. I highly recommend the Black Pepper Tofu. One of the best I’ve tasted.
more soy lanterns

2 thoughts on “Lantern parade

  1. I’m a sucker for lights and lamps. I’ve been hinting at getting one of those string lights with the rounded bulbs for our backyard but Vineet’s choosing to ignore my nudging 😉


    1. I continue to dream of a party in the backyard with fairy light, or even lights inside mason jars…maybe for my 25th wedding anniversary?

      Miss you!!!!!


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