Another finish

I cannot wait for this summer to be over. It’s not just about the heat, really. For the first time since I started knitting, I am slowly building up my hand-knitted pullovers and tops wardrobe. Yes, that is worth getting excited about.

Here is one of my latest finished projects.
shiny cotton

The yarn I used is ColourMart’s 3/15NM fingering wt shiny cotton. It’s a blend of cashmere, cotton, angora, merino and viscose. At least that’s what it says on Ravelry. It comes in cones, and shipping from the UK is free.

I have queued this pattern from Vera since it came out, but never had a chance to make it until now. I have to say, yarn aside, I enjoyed knitting this. The fact that it is from the top down meant that I could stop and try it on as I go. It meant that I was able to custom-fit everything until I was happy with it. The sleeves, for example, is one of the things I modified. I want to be able to wear this on its own, hence the impatience for the end of summer. I also added a bit of length to the body. I am still trying to decide if I should add a button or not.

And of course, Luca had to have his photo. As with all my other handknits, he loved snoozing on top of this while I was knitting it. I think it is a tie between this and the Guernsey Wrap as to which one is his favourite. I can’t wait to start wearing this top!
luca again

Project and pattern details here.

3 thoughts on “Another finish

  1. Nooooo, let summer go on a tad bit longer (the leaves are already beginning to turn, aaaaah!) Your top looks lovely and once again, the fit is spot on! Love the little pleat detail on the front.


  2. Stunning knitted top, it fits you so perfect, and the colour suits you as well.
    Okay, you can send summer my way now, I have enjoyed the winter here and would love a bit of spring weather now. 🙂


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