And now for some knitting content.

I finished this pullover a while ago. It was a test knit from Anke, my second one from her Birdsongs series. Go check it out. I’ll wait right here.

You like? Good. Because they are deceptively simple and easy to make. Anke uses the contiguous sleeve method developed by SusieM. It’s easier to actually do it that to read and try to understand it. I promise. So here’s the top part of my Eeek! I am annoyed every time I see that change in dyelot in the yarn. Other than that I love everything about this top!

Project details here. I used The Plucky Knitter Primo in Sport, colourway is Olive Bar. This lot was purchased from one of her rare Etsy updates. I love the way the colour has depth everytime you change the way you look at the garment.

This photo highlights the wicked clever sleeve method. It’s like a regular raglan but with added cleverness to it. This particular pattern, like its sister Tschilp, starts with a bit of flat knitting, not a lot, just a few rows. And then you start knitting in the round until you have enough stitches to form the sleeves.
You then put the sleeve stitches on hold, as you do for this type of construction, and continue knitting the body until your desired length. Now this is where I strayed from Anke’s perfect pattern and knitted the hem in the round. The original design has a split hem, which is not at all bad, but I just wanted to do a full round hem.
I love the way this fits! I cannot wait for the weather to get cooler so that I can wear this to work. And I could use with losing some more weight. The fabric feels amazing against my skin, there is a slight sheen to it and a fuzz thanks to the cashmere. I’m planning a second version, this time staying true to pattern, but will use a bamboo blend. Maybe then I can wear it any time of the year.
And of course, I had to get a photo with Luca. He loves MCN yarn esp when the colourway matches his eyes. And cameras. Say hi to Luca, everyone.
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  1. This fits you so perfectly and I love everything about it – the neckline, the color, the construction!!! The necklines on the whole birdsong series are all so lovely. I’ve bookmarked this one for future knitting 🙂


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