Fun Friday

It was another relaxing Ramadan meet-up with the Amiras, although it was a lot smaller in numbers than usual. There was yarn, obviously, including this perfectly wound up ball of Faith, Hope and Love which Eliza picked up to knit a shawl for her aunt. Colourway is Jazzberry Jam – Lee, if you’re reading this, I know you have a grin on your face because you remember that very first Colour Challenge over on KISSed Muses. I miss you too, my friend!
eliza (1)

Ruth kindly hosted the event because it is Ramadan and our usual venue is closed during the day. It was a good thing too as I have wanted to catch up with her kits. Mojo here is a sweetheart, isn’t he? Even if he swiped my Vietnamese roll off the tray and onto the floor as well as getting into my bag of yarns (ohnoes!). Silly Mojo, but nope, the yarn was not harmed, he just warmed his butt on them.
mojo (1)

Maggie, on the other hand, was as lady-like as you could get. She, however, was most amused by the light reflecting from Ruth’s watch onto the wall and the sounds coming off the Friskies iPhone app that Hala played for them.
I took some photos of Hala’s latest FO, a test knit using a skein of yarn I hand-dyed for her a while ago. It’s such an elegant design and I can’t wait for the pattern to be released so that I can make one for me. And yes, it’s blue, surprise surprise! 🙂
hala (1)
Meanwhile, I was worried that Luca would be jealous that I spent most of the day with other kitties. Pfft! This sight made me realize he couldn’t care less! Of only human beings were as carefree as the kitties.
luca belly

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