In conclusion

Apologies for the radio silence. Work has gotten a little busier these last few days and I’ve had no time left in my day to write anything coherent.

Sadly, I did not reach my goal. While it is clearly not a success, I don’t consider it a failure either.

I learned things about myself and what I can do given the right frame of mind and with the right kind of approach. The people around me this time are genuinely supportive and encouraging. The results are tangible, even if it is ever slightly so.

My weight on Day 28 was 90.5kg. That’s way off target. But it is still lower than what I started with. I know now what to do to keep burning the fat and losing weight. And that is exactly what I am doing.

If only I exercised properly, I believe my results would be better. I have no excuse for that. I am allergic to exercise. I did what I could before, but now I am more fired up. The old me would have given up and reached for a bag of chips right about now. But lessons I’ve learned have made me better.

Today’s weight is 90kg. Waistline is 38.5 inches.

These are still better stats than when I originally started. I’m using these as my springboard to aim higher, or rather lower as in this case.

I cannot promise a daily blog update, but I will do my best.

4 thoughts on “In conclusion

  1. Any weight loss is always good and you worked so hard! Bravo for hanging in there and sharing your journey on the blog.


    1. Yes, but while that is true I am not about to rest my few leaves of laurels yet. I’m being very good, but you know what, it’s not very difficult anymore. I’ll try and be good with the blogging too, got so much to share.


  2. Mabrook! Remember that very often the process is much more important than the product . . . . or in this case the lack of “product”. Weight loss and good health might be the ‘goal’, but what your heart and head are saying about yourself are more important. You are fabulous – – and an inspiration. Thank you! Salam wa sa’aadah


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