Day 16 – Week 3

Today’s post comes with a bit of a sideline.

I just found out that one of my favourite bands ever will be performing in my hometown (Manila) on November 8. Arghhh!!! Why does it have to happen when I cannot be there? I hope they will include Dubai on the list but I doubt it because it looks like the North World Tour will end with the cruise in December. Do I send my children instead? Hmm, let’s see.

Okay, so Day 16. Going well. Going strong.

I have never been good with counting calories before so it has been difficult but I manage. I have also learned to compare the amounts of protein v carbs in anything and everything. Today’s lunch was a salad with quinoa, bean sprouts, mint leaves, rocket and a bit of feta which I took out. There were plenty of rocket leaves and it was getting really spicy in my mouth so I pushed aside about half of what was at the bottom of the bowl.

I really need to get started on those great quinoa and stuffed peppers recipes I found yesterday. This quinoa risotto recipe looks really easy to make and packs a punch in the protein department. This one looks really good and at under 200 calories per serving, it’s a winner! Tuna stuffed peppers…mmmyummmm. This one looks a bit labour intensive and has higher calorie count but there has to be ways to reduce this and make it healthier.

Okay now I’m hungry again. Good thing I have one more protein shake waiting for me a home.

Weight: 89.1kg

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  1. Hi Jocelyn, your doing really well and it’s inspiring to read your blog. I use an app called fitness pal which records all your calories as well as the nutritional breakdown. It’s feel kinda neat recording it on the ipad. Caroline D x


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