Day 15 – Week 3

Epic. Fail.

Lately, I have been using the iOS app to update the blog with regard to my weight management program. I was wondering why I was not getting any page hits these past few days, and realized the posts were all saved in drafts! Argh! That’s one problem I have when I don’t use a proper computer to do these updates.

So here’s the Reader’s Digest version of the days I missed.

Day 12: I confess to not having the correct amount of protein consumption for this day because I only had vegetable crudites for lunch (cucumber, pepper, carrots). I love the crunch! Weight: 90.2kg

Day 13: Lazy, laundry day at home. Husband was off to the office while I made ground-beef stuffed marrows cooked in cherry tomato sauce. Weight: 89.8kg

Day 14: Subjected ourselves to some of the summer heat as I was meeting some Amiras for knitting at reMADE DXB’s studio. It’s great to get out of the house but the heat just makes it awful. Glad I caught up with friends I haven’t seen in a while. Meal was chicken baked rustic-style. The kitchen smelled wonderful! Weight: 89.2kg

Which then brings us to today, day 15.

I’m getting worried about how my weight fluctuates. I’m very careful about how much calories I consume daily but the weekend seems to be the worst. However, I’m really pleased because colleagues at work are saying they notice how much weight I have lost since I started this program and they are inspired to do something for themselves too.

This next few days is the real challenge for me as I try to reach my goal: 84kg by the 28th July. I’ve come this far, it would be disheartening if I don’t push myself even harder. It’s been great so far, with visible results so there’s no reason for me not to keep going.

Weight: 89kg

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