Day 9 – Week 2

Exciting times!

Small movements count. My weight didn’t go down as much from yesterday but it’s moving. I’m also trying to focus on the actual effects it has on my health. I haven’t checked my blood pressure again but I bet that it has gotten better.

I feel better. My trousers are not as snug. I still try to hide my fat belly in loose clothes, and I still feel uncomfortable if I don’t have a layering cardigan on but it’s getting better. My flabby arms have miles to go, and don’t even start about my legs and backside! I’ll get to those soon enough.

I am not a fan of counting calories. Never have done it before, I just ate, so being mindful of my daily intake is something different. But it helps me become smart about my food choices.

I had my two protein shakes during the day because I was attending an Iftar buffet with crafting friends in the evening. Now, for someone who is on a strict diet and counting their calories, an all-you-can-eat buffet would be just the thing to bring everything crashing down. Right? Not at all!

Even with all those tempting dishes, the freshly-baked-right-before-your-eyes bread, the biryani, the rich Arabic desserts, there are hidden gems of healthy options. You just have to be smart about your choices. And keep your goal in mind!

I had sticks of carrots, bell pepper, cucumber, tabouleh and a bit of moutabbel for starters. Everything was fresh and crunchy and full of flavours! I would have gotten the hummus but decided against it and had extra carrot sticks instead.

For my main course, I went straight for the grilled fish and meat. No carbs whatsoever. The fish was great! It was quite filling and I didn’t have to even think of going for seconds. Again, the food tasted so good. I didn’t even wonder about dessert. The only indulgence I had was a few sips of the hot, rather strong tea. Now they serve it with white sugar which settles at the bottom of the cute little cup, so if you don’t stir it won’t sweeten the tea as much. It was much too strong for me though so I only had a couple of sips and I was done.

A week ago if you put me in the same Iftar buffet, I would have had two helpings of salads, hummus with the bread, a cup of soup maybe, a helping or two of the biryani, some potatoes, meat and fish and still find room for dessert and coffee. Then I would be adjusting the notch on my belt and feeling bad the next day for over-indulging.

I’m rather proud of myself tonight.

Weight: 89 kg