Made-up Socks

After finishing a knitting project, I usually end up with leftover yarn. Sometimes it’s just a few yards but sometimes it’s more than half the skein depending on the project’s requirements. It is always advisable to have more yarn than run out in the middle of that last pattern repeat, or heaven forbid, at bind off! I’ve had the latter happen to me a couple of times and thank goodness for my generous yarn stash I have found similar colour/weight to finish it off.

I have used a lot of my leftovers in other projects too. Like the long languishing hexi puffs. Or as small pouches for the kids but I have found, when there is more than half a skein left, that the best kind of project for leftovers esp sock yarn is, well, socks. Short socks, to be precise which is what came off my needles this weekend.
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I absolutely enjoyed working with this yarn by Two If By Hand in my Tschilp! and I could not put it down. So I decided to make short ribbed socks for my daughter Viel. We have the same shoe size so I have the perfect template with me to make sure I get the best fit. I started off with 64 stitches on 2.25mm needles, cast on over two needles for extra stretch. Then ribbed 2×2 for 15 rounds before switching to 2.5mm needles. After that I worked heels in pattern over 34 stitches until I have 12 notches on either heel flap. I decreased the gusset until I was back to my original stitch count at cast on.
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Then the top of the foot was done in 2×2 ribbing while the bottom was in plain stockinette. There was a bit of stitch shuffle before starting the heel flap to make sure the top of the foot started and ended with a p2. Seven inches of foot was then followed by my favourite rounded toe. Kitchenered the ends when I had 12sts on each needle. I don’t like very pointy toes, but the nature of the rounded toe makes it, well, round instead of pointy.

I love these socks. I hope Viel does too. It’s not long so it doesn’t pool at the ankles, and it’s not too short either than they disappear into your sneakers when you wear them.
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  1. I love them! I love the yarn and the color! I wish i could make you socks someday 🙂 Moss you.


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