Dancing around again

Why I assumed I could start and finish a full-sized shawl in 4 days was beyond me!

Life dragged all my free time away and before I could re-focus, the deadline for the Q2 KAL in the Irishgirlieknits group was almost over. And it’s not good form to be missing on a KAL deadline if you’re a co-moderator. Bad, bad mod.

But nearly a month later, I have finished the shawl I intended to do for the KAL: my second Dancette. I test knitted the original Plucky two-colour version for Carrie almost two years ago to the day. I absolutely love that shawl but, no offense to all the beautiful two-colour shawls out there, I decided against doing two colours again. I have this skein of Wollmeise Twin in a beautiful deep purple-red colourway called Cassis. I got it from a swap with Shyma with my Campari Piccolo, a skein I won from The Loopy Ewe’s 3rd anniversary blog competition in 2009.

So the plan was to purl the CC, and you know knitters and purling. Well, I’m happy to report that I did not go min-numbingly bonkers with the purling because I loved it! I know I will end up with a beautiful FO so I kept at it. Actually the day I cast on this shawl I was riding on the metro to work and a flight attendant from Emirates boarded the same train. She came up to me, all smiles and said she just finished an intricate table runner and wants to do a larger one. She knew that I was knitting a triangular shawl! Such a breath of fresh air to meet someone who can differentiate between knitting and crocheting! Sadly, she got off the train three stops later and I haven’t seen her since.

Anyway, here is the finished shawl, modelled by my husband. He is quite competent with the camera but I know what angle I want and which features of the shawl to photograph so it was better to have him put in on his shoulders (which are broad to begin with) and for me to take the photos.

Here is a close up of the purled CC sections. It’s not quite obvious when you look at it straight on, but at an angle the purl bumps are more visible. I used an entire skein of Wollmeise Twin, had about 2 yards left after binding off. Phew!Raveled!

That’s one project crossed off the finishing queue. Well, actually two because I also finished a pair of socks, which I will post later. I’m a bit frantic at the moment because I have two test knits that need attention but I really want to finish this hat, which I accidentally cast on yesterday when I am supposed to be finishing WIPs. Ooops! I’ll tell you all about the hats soon.

I hope everyone’s enjoying their weekend!

2 thoughts on “Dancing around again

  1. Those purled rows really make this a stunner and I love that you went with a monotone for this shawl! Super!!


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