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Day 6

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Ramadan and the intense summer heat makes it very undesirable to get out of the house. So today was a quiet stay-at-home day.

I did wake up at 6am and did my morning routine then weighed myself. Not jaw-dropping but I was smiling. I’m beginning to love my scale!

I did go back for a lie-in and got backup around 11. When I did, I made pancakes and eggs for the boys’ breakfast. I had my first protein shake around 12 then settled in to knit and catch up on Luther. Amazing show!

I put in a load of laundry and heated up a batch of last night’s pasta for the boys’ lunch. Like I said, quiet day.

I have also been looking online for 500-calorie-a-day meal plans in preparation for the coming weeks. Some are very easy to make, while others often include readymade meals from shops like Tesco and Waitrose. I hate those. Shop-bought meals to me means artificial flavours and preservatives. Why can’t you make it yourself? That way you can be sure it’s healthy and does not have hidden calories.

In a way, I’m glad that these last couple of days are going to be spent at home. Somehow I still don’t trust myself to resist food when I am outside. But the reinforcement and encouragement I get from everyone including my coach makes it just that bit easier. Besides, when I look at the progress I’ve made, it makes me want to keep going towards my goal.

Weight: 90.9 kg


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  1. I love Luther too!!! Watching tonight’s episode right now, ahhhhh!!!!

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