Day 5

Quiet day.

Not a lot going on, more of the same but still doing great. My stomach has been gurgling a lot, but it’s not the same as when you feel hungry and want food. I don’t get that churning feeling. It just makes a lot of noise though.

It’s busy at work as a few ladies are going on annual leave soon so they’re handing over work to the rest of us. I’ve got my fair share of the load and that’s been keeping me busy getting up to speed with the situation. It’s good because it keeps me from thinking about mealtimes.

I’ve also got a lot on my mind so that’s keeping me busy. There’s just been a string of recent events which, if I allowed to, would grind against everything I have worked hard for and just ruin everything. The affirmations I think have helped. A week ago I probably would have lashed out right away without a thought as to how it would affect everything. I value my peace of mind and my sanity a lot more than that so I’m backing away. I don’t go looking for these situations but somehow I always find myself in the middle of it. And I’m usually the last one to realize it!

I am not oblivious to what’s happening around me, but I think some people just choose to exclude me from situations until they think I should be involved and do my part. At which time, I am all “O_o, wha? You talking to me?”

Anyway, sorry to go on a tangent and a rant there, that’s all done now. I’m moving on and I’m going to keep on moving on.

This work week has flown past and I can hardly believe that I am nearly at the end of the toughest part of this journey. Can’t wait to see what Paul has in store for me next week.

Weight: 91.4kg