Day 4

Hump day, here we go!

Woke up at the usual time and forgot that it’s the first day of Ramadan, i.e. late start to the work day for a whole month. I could have gone back to bed and finished the last repeat of the affirmations, but I had to cook lunch for my boys. I had a very relaxed morning, knitting, catching up on email, Facebook and Ravelry and playing Candy Crush in between getting the rice and the Filipino-style beef steak ready.

Yes, I do taste what I cook so a bit of the oil/salt gets into my system. But I’m not worried about that, it’s not the end of the world. I could risk feeding my boys with bland or super salty food but that’s not good.

My friend, the weighing scale, and I had our daily tryst. Oof! Not a lot of change today but still a change. Any change is good.

One thing I noticed, and Paul did mention this a couple of times, is the jelly belly effect. I have a jiggly jelly belly! And this could only mean one thing: my fat stores are moving! Woohooo!!! They’re being broken down and my body is starting to absorb and use it as an energy source because it’s not receiving the usual boost from intake of food, mostly carbs and fats. And this is exactly what we want to happen.

In fact, I measured my waist this morning and I’ve lost 2 inches already. Hallelujah! My trousers are not falling off and I don’t need to secure it with a belt just yet; thank you extra wide birthing hips! but I do feel that they are not as tight anymore. Even my tummy doesn’t have that unsightly bulge when I sit. There’s still a bulge obviously but not as big as before.

I’m really surprised and pleased that I don’t feel like I’ve been dragged through the wringer. My brain functions okay, I sure hope so, as I need some of it for work! I don’t feel tired or sluggish or like I need to sleep for 12 hours. I would know if something was up if I don’t get up when my alarm goes off at 5 in the morning!

Can’t believe I’m officially at the halfway mark of this first week. It’s given me real results already and I didn’t have to force myself to eat or starve myself to death either.

Thank you to those who have sent me amazing messages here on the blog, on Facebook and on email. I appreciate the feedback, the kind words and the health tips.

Weight: 91.4 kg

Note: Since Day 1, I have lost an average of 0.75kg per day. If I maintain this until the end of the program, I would end up weighing 78.65kg! That’s way less than my goal. That would be good.

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  1. Well done Joc keep it up!! IF meant to be great for both weight loss and health – will be doing it myself when I get home!! Xx


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