Day 2

Today’s recap is coming in late as I had a full day at work and met up with my coach afterwards.

The morning started out better than I expected. No hunger pangs. No dizziness. Having a good night’s sleep helped a lot. Plus listening to affirmations on a loop had such a calming influence.

My only complaint about today was the level of humidity in the morning during my metro walk. The damp heat crashed into me in waves as I stepped out of the station. I was breathing in but there was very little oxygen. I couldn’t fill my lungs properly. It was so uncomfortable. It only got better when I entered the basement parking of our building.

The toughest part for me is the waiting for midday when I can have my first protein shake. At around 10.45am I’m counting down the minutes until I can prepare my first meal. But thankfully, there’s plenty of stuff to do at work to keep me busy so before I knew it I was having my shake. That first drink sustains me and fills me up that the next drink at 3pm is sometimes a bit too soon.

An amazing thing happened at work today. A couple of the girls (M and R) and I were talking about getting together this weekend so that I can photograph R and her family at their home. M said she could make some of her rice cakes. But then they both remembered that I could not take solid food this week and suggested we schedule it when I am eating food again, maybe in a couple of weeks.

How sweet is that? But most importantly I never expected them to take it seriously, the simple act of asking them to be my support group at work. I am truly touched and quite pleased to know that they are paying attention. That made me feel really good.

So, in summary, Day 2? Nailed it!

Weight: 92.3kg

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  1. I love the fact that those around you support you in this journey. Support is very important as it help one to remain focused. Keep on nailing down the days!


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